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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 24 – 28, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Julian confronts Sonny, convinced he set him up.
Ava finally admits who she really is.
Sonny is furious Ava was saved by Avery’s bone marrow.
Franco confesses to murdering Silas, but Nina is still arrested.
Ava is arrested for Connie’s murder!
Morgan is shocked and confused.
Julian has something to tell Alexis.. about Ava.
The detectives make an arrest..
Morgan has a big surprise for Kiki.
Alexis gives Nina some words of advice.
Lulu can’t let go of Dillon’s script.
Kiki learns an important truth!
Morgan flat-out refuses Carly and Sonny’s advice.
Elizabeth and Patrick share details of their relationships.
Ric and Madeline keep trying, but Franco is there for Nina.
Dillon brings Tracy and Paul closer.
Morgan really can’t believe what he’s hearing…
Big Jake finds himself bonding with Little Jake.
Dante and Nathan come across a game-changer!
Kiki is absolutely stunned by what Franco has to say…

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