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General Hospital Spoilers – August 25-29, 2014

gh spoilers 8/25/2014

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This week on General Hospital

Things are closing in on Levi, while Dante looks to Sonny for information on the stolen Aztec jewels.

Britt comforts a worried Nathan.

Ava has dinner with Kiki and Michael, and serves up a sinful dessert.

Kiki gives Ava information that will change her strategy with Fluke.

Julian asks Sonny for a truce, but is rejected.

Carly and Franco hit a bumpy patch, but Carly is determined to make it work.

Silas has questions for Nina about Rafe’s Chrichton Clark business card, but Nina has seduction on her mind.

Sam and Patrick share a drink and game of pool, and get closer while remembering their past.

Sabrina is frustrated and wants to learn the truth about the accident.

Lucas and Brad are interrupted.

Elizabeth is not happy about Nik and Britt.

Nina gets some important news from Britt.

Levi is getting frustrated with Maxie, while Nathan, Dante and Anna learn more about his past.

Ava has an offer for Fluke.

Elizabeth talks to Nikolas and makes a decision.

Silas becomes suspicious of Franco, and what he might know about Nina.

Sabrina pays Carlos Rivera a visit in prison!

Updated August 29th

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