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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 3 – 7, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Nina says a tearful goodbye to Silas.
Franco cleans up the crime scene to protect Nina.
Laura decides to keep Jake’s identity a secret.
Hayden wakes up from her coma and claims Jake is her husband.
Kiki is hysterical when she sees Silas’ body!
Carly faces off with Denise and gives her the dirt on Ava.
Lucas shares his problems with a distracted Morgan.
The guilt continues to eat away at Elizabeth.
Denise/Ava has shocking news to share!
Sam comes clean to Patrick about her case.
Nina turns to Ric for help.
Morgan ‘fesses up to Sonny, who tells him to come clean.
Sam keeps looking for a link between Nikolas and Hayden.
It’s a double date for Dillon, Valerie, Dante and Lulu.
Jake and Sam get closer to the truth about Nikolas.
Sam and Jake have a worrisome chat… about Elizabeth!
Morgan gets an earful from mom and dad.
Nikolas finally comes clean to Elizabeth.
Ric and Madeline continue to scheme for Nina’s money.
Felix gives Brad some heartfelt advice about Lucas.
Sonny’s had enough of the sabotage and calls a meeting.
Madeline doesn’t trust Franco.
Nathan shares his theory with Nina – it could all be a set up.
Kiki’s world is rocked!
Once again, Franco turns to Liesl for some help.

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