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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 31 – September 4, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Madeline admits to killing Silas and Nathan arrests her!
Kiki confronts Ava and wants her out of her life.
Franco eases Nina’s pain about Madeline.
Maxie gets the lead part in Dillon’s movie.
Sonny is needed urgently…
Lulu has good feelings about her family bond with Valerie.
Hayden has another Nikolas flashback!
Morgan is starting to feel out of control, and leans on Sonny.
Sam and Jake are back on the ELQ case.
TJ turns to Sonny to help him out of a bind.
For Carly and Sonny, it’s all about family at this special time.
Anna decides to do some digging on Nikolas…
Sabrina has family advice for Michael.
Anna and Jordan reconnect.
Lulu encourages Maxie to work with Dillon on his movie.
Patrick and Sam have an unexpected guest!
Jordan is scared for TJ, living at Sonny’s house.
Anna is back, and has an honest conversation with Sloane.
Kiki is spitting mad at Morgan!
Michael makes Carly very happy…
Ric wants to know what’s really going on.
A supportive brother, Michael is there for Morgan.

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