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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 8 – 12, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Carly wants Nelle to prove she was Josslyn’s kidney donor.
Ava pulls a gun on a surprise visitor.
Finn holds Hayden as she cries over Nikolas.
Morgan informs Ava he plans to marry Kiki!
Kristina asks Aaron not to hate her for what happened.
Elizabeth gets unexpected support concerning Franco.
Their shared adventure has brought Laura and Ava closer.
Sam winds up in the hospital..
Ava’s home is trashed!
Things get pretty heated between Carly and Jax!
Jordan approaches Andre with an interesting proposition.
Bobbie’s birthday guests are in for a shocker.
Morgan and Ava have a confrontation.
Hayden is stunned by Lulu’s news.
Carly plays peacemaker for the time being…
Things aren’t going well for Franco.
Laura unexpectedly hears Lucy and Kevin’s conversation.
Kiki makes it clear to Ava she should back off.
Kristina is furious with Alexis!
Elizabeth has had enough of Jason’s interference.
Finn is back to confiding in Hayden.
Happy Birthday, Bobbie Spencer…
Alexis has no choice but to seek Julian’s help.