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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 1 – 5, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Accusations fly against Lord Larry Ashton and he bolts!
Julian makes a decision to tell Jordan the truth, and faces Fluke.
Alexis needs to have a heart to heart discussion with Molly about Ric.
It’s time for Jake/Jason to find himself a job!
Britt can’t believe Faison is back.
Alexis and Ned hit a bumpy patch about Luke…
Britt decides to confess to Nikolas.
Silas makes a major decision to help Ava.
After finding out about the mask, Dante and Anna confront Fluke.
It’s confession time for Patrick.
Nikolas has to deal with an unhappy Spencer.
Jake sees Helena again, and wants answers from Liz.
Things aren’t easy for Sonny in prison as he faces down an old enemy.
Luke is on a mission to find the truth, the whole truth!
Elizabeth turns to Anna – she has something to share..
Brad has suggestions for a conflicted Britt.
Franco’s new-found tenderness is surprising!
Sabrina reaches out to Michael to fix things.
Nikolas gets an unexpected visit.. from Liz.
Nina and Franco take it upon themselves to name Ava’s baby.
It’s sister vs sister as Madeline has choice words for Liesl.
Obrecht has a shock encounter!

Updated December 3rd.