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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 19 – 23, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Tom Baker has been stabbed to death!
Lulu makes a promise this is her last Christmas without Charlotte.
Nelle saves Sonny with a pair of gloves for Carly.
Carly notices Sonny and Nelle sharing a private moment..
Tom gets one over on Franco.
Julian receives a visit from the owner of the pawn shop.
It’s time for Sam’s baby shower!
Franco denies any knowledge of Tom’s whereabouts.
Anna realizes that her and Valentin may have shared the past.
Finn and Elizabeth bring Hayden back after her heart stops.
Laura confesses to Kevin that she loves him too.
Things just keep getting worse for Sonny..
Julian moves in with Alexis…
Naomi pays Hayden a visit on her deathbed.
Lulu decides she wants sole custody of Charlotte!
Franco has a life-altering nightmare.
Sonny continues to weave a web of lies.
The holidays have Alexis and Julian going down memory lane…
Elizabeth thinks Heather may have the answers she needs.
Anna is puzzled by memories she can’t seem to shake.
Finn has no choice but to take a big gamble with Hayden’s life!
Franco thinks honesty might be the best policy with Liz…
Sonny is shattered when he learns more about Morgan’s death.
Dante has an update on Tom Baker.
Ava doesn’t trust that Julian can stay away from Alexis…