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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 22 – 26, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

It’s time for Nina and Franco to face the music.
Kiki is there to comfort Morgan, and it turns passionate…
Nathan is there for Maxie as things starts to look up.
Sam receives a visit from Julian.
Jordan’s activities worry Shawn, but she agrees to help him.
Jake comforts Carly and offers her sage advice.
Carlos is determined to put Jordan in her place.
It’s Christmas in Port Charles!
Maxie receives welcome news and books a flight to Portland to see Georgie.
Nathan and Maxie celebrate their Christmas early.
Sonny sets up Franco in Pentonville.
Alexis and Molly receive a surprise visit from Ric!
Sam and Patrick finally share a moment!
It’s time for hospital Chief of Staff to read the Christmas Story, and Obrecht
puts her own spin on it..
On Christmas Eve, someone walks in on Jake and Liz.
Liesl admits she did a very nice thing for her dear Nathan.
The mistletoe is put to very good use by one couple!
Christmas is an opportunity for other couples to bond..
Friends and families celebrate Christmas together.
Nathan and Maxie face more more obstacles!
Anna does her best to convince an unhappy Jordan to stay undercover.
Elizabeth gets asked out on an official date.

A new episode will now air on Wednesday, December 24th
The show will not air on Thursday, December 25th.

Updated December 24th.