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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 26 – 30, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Nathan hears unexpected and shocking news.
Alexis and Julian continue to bicker.
Laura makes her feelings very clear to Anna.
Jason shares his suspicions about Julian with Sam.
Sonny begs Carly to share New Year’s Eve with him.
Valentin makes Nina a solemn promise.
Hayden’s condition improves, but there is a downside!
Franco has shocking information for Elizabeth.
Nelle finds herself sharing personal details with Michael.
Felicia and Mac are there to help celebrate Maxie’s wedding…
Nina and Lulu do not see eye to eye on Charlotte!
Kiki puts up a good fight, but finally gives in…
Jason realizes the pawn shop might hold some clues.
Sonny begs Carly to listen to him…
The holidays bring Jordan and Andre together.
Nathan’s past come back with a vengeance…
Julian continues to hover over Alexis, as she gets more annoyed.
Laura wants to do everything she can to help Lulu win Charlotte.
Bobbie decides to have a little chat with Nelle!