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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 28 – Jan 1, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Nikolas decides a free Jason is more valuable to him!
Michael can’t forgive Sabrina for her lie, and walks away.
Dillon is furious with Paul for deceiving Tracy.
Jason learns more about himself from a caring Robin.
Nikolas can’t help but let Hayden in a little more…
Johnny can’t stop himself and kisses Lulu!
Kristina and Morgan end up confiding in each other.
A hopeful Sabrina looks for an answer from Michael.
Franco is very ready to move forward with Nina…
It’s decision time for Hayden as a truth comes out!
Carly finds herself absolutely floored.
Mac and Anna get closer to proving Sloane is really dead.
Nikolas has Jason exactly where he wants him.
Morgan’s eavesdropping gets him in some trouble.
Sam hears the truth directly from Patrick about Robin.
With Johnny’s help, Lulu finally gets what she wants!
It’s a happy day for Spinelli when he gets Stone Cold back..
There’s a New Year’s proposal in Port Charles.
After all this time, Robin and Jason finally reconnect!

Note: On Thursday December 31st, ABC will air a repeat episode.