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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 5 – 9, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Jason and Curtis figure out Julian planted the bomb in his own car!
Rocco takes an instant liking to Charlotte.
Kiki shares her past history with Michael with Nelle.
Sam suspects Alexis still has a soft spot for Julian.
Julian and Alexis have it out in his hospital room!
Anna catches up with Laura with questions about Valentin.
Nelle panics when she loses a very important personal item.
Carly and Sonny join forces in the fight against Ava.
Nathan and Maxie ramp up the wedding plans.
It’s time for Jason and Sam to learn the sex of the baby.
Nelle continues to exert her control over Sonny…
Lulu approaches Valentin for answers about Charlotte.
Elizabeth decides it’s time she took action herself!
Nina doesn’t think she needs to explain herself to anyone.
Ava is leery of Alexis and thinks she’s up to something.
Jordan gives Curtis very important information.
Working together, Jason and Curtis make a major breakthrough!
Things heat up between Nina and Valentin…
Dante and Nathan go after Valentin for answers.
Alexis is shocked by Julian’s unexpected offer..
Sonny and Carly go down memory lane together.
Lulu wants to learn more about Charlotte.