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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 7 – 11, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Johnny offers to take care of Lulu’s Valerie problem.
Bobbie decides to watch out for Valerie…
Patrick accuses Sam of wanting Jason for herself!
Sam confronts Elizabeth, and just won’t let go.
Olivia has choice words for Dante!
Lulu uses Johnny to help her deal with Valerie.
Anna and Mac decide how to handle the Paul situation.
Hayden decides to share more of her story with Nikolas.
Sonny thinks he could get Avery away from Ava.
When Sam goes on the attack with Elizabeth, Jason steps in.
Valerie wants to know where she stands with Dante.
Julian has cautionary words for Ava.
Patrick does his best to reassure and cheer up little Emma.
The situation with Robin takes a major turn.
Jason takes the direct approach with Elizabeth!
Paul is on a date and Ava is not happy about it at all.
Elizabeth tells Nikolas it’s game over for the two of them.
Jason and Sonny slowly start to bond.
Sabrina shares her wisdom with Patrick.
Lulu decides to face the Valerie issue head on.
Johnny and Lulu make a deal that suits them both…
Paul isn’t too thrilled with Monica’s good deed.
Things aren’t going well for Robin at all.