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General Hospital SPOILERS – December 8 – 12, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Sam has her suspicions about Jake…
Sonny faces a new harsh reality in prison.
Britt says goodbye to an emotional little Spencer.
Patrick comes clean to Carly, and she understands.
Nathan is shot while Faison escapes!
Olivia is there to comfort Ned after he bickers with Alexis.
Liesl chooses Nathan over Faison, and says “Auf Wiedersehen”.
Patrick hopes Sam can forgive him for not telling her the truth.
Sam is distracted by Jake and tells Elizabeth her theory.
Morgan and Kiki join forces to find Nina, Franco and the baby.
Alexis and Elizabeth are in for a shock about Ric!
There’s trouble in store for Sam as she continues to dig.
Trying to hold on to her family, Carly visits Sonny – it isn’t pretty.
Carly agrees to look for Ava’s baby as well.
Nikolas starts to wonder what Liz is doing with Jake?
Nina and Franco are no longer alone, and Franco worries about
being caught.
Alexis needs to talk to Julian about Ric.
Anna’s job as Commissioner is in jeopardy.
Molly and TJ share their mother-issues.. it’s tough for both of them.
Sonny makes a bold sacrifice for love.. and the organization.
She has Lulu for support, but Maxie may not be able to resist a
risky temptation!
Jake bumps into Carly at the Metro Court, who could really use a friend.
The truth about Rosalie begins to unfold, she is connected to someone…

Updated December 10th.