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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 1 – 5, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Kiki decides to go on a date with Morgan.
Sam is hurt and stuck in the basement!
Sabrina says goodbye in a postcard – she’s staying in San Juan.
Ava is furious with Kiki for leaving Avery…
Lulu and Dante make a decision about their future.
Nina has a new idea for Crimson, courtesy of Olivia.
Someone actually admits to murder…
Sam’s situation causes a very vivid hallucination!
Kiki decides she will trust Sonny.
A scared Jake panics and tries to cover his tracks.
Sonny has a surprisingly close connection with a stranger.
Nina is totally supportive of Olivia!
Felix has something important to share with Michael.
Something goes very wrong with Morgan’s medication.
Dante notices a connection between Valerie and Curtis.
Nikolas grills Hayden, but she remains slippery…
Laura is very surprised to hear what Scotty has to say.
Once again, Ava finds herself looking for a lawyer.
It’s another new doctor for Sonny, with local ties.
There’s real danger ahead for Sam!
Anna and Robert get much-needed help from Mac and Felicia.
Elizabeth is scared, she can’t go through this again…