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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 13 – 17, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Nina and Nathan have it out about Maxie’s job…
Elizabeth proudly holds her ground.
Kiki and Dillon continue to get closer.
Griffin is convinced Valentin has done something to Anna.
Ava is arrested for Morgan’s murder!
Maxie confesses to Lulu that Nina fired her from Crimson.
Scotty is there when Ava needs him the most.
Michael has to make a very tough call.
Anna finds support where she least expects it.
Olivia has Julian just where she wants him.
The PCPD have Ava in their sights…
There’s romance in the air on Valentine’s Day.
Anna experiences an unexpected health crisis!
Griffin notices Finn’s unpredictable behavior.
Elizabeth is desperate and turns to Sam.
Nina is starting to have her suspicions.
Things take a dangerous turn for Curtis…
Finn is starting to go off the rails!
Lulu is helpless when it comes to Valentin.
Nelle doesn’t know when to stop scheming.
Julian is paranoid that he is about to be found out!
Nathan finds himself in an awkward situation.
Felicia gets closer to the truth.
Anna goes straight to the source for answers!
Kiki and Dillon spend some quality time together.
Franco continues to fight his emotional turmoil.