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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 15 – 19, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Elizabeth finds support from Franco as they bond over Jake.
Sam and Jason rekindle the passion!
Off his meds again, Morgan ends up losing his job.
Julian has a fatherly moment with Lucas, his best man.
Alexis is surrounded by her girls before the wedding.
Morgan has no interest in anything Sonny has to say.
Anna uses her time with Dillon to find out more about Paul.
Jordan is agitated that Curtis still hasn’t left town.
Nathan and Maxie lock Dante and Lulu in together to talk.
Elizabeth accepts Nikolas’ invitation to Wyndermere.
Dante can’t help but wonder what Lulu’s going to do.
Morgan has to answer to Sonny for his actions!
Things are going well for Hayden and Nik, except for trust.
Morgan is floored by what he accidentally overhears.
Lulu has no idea that danger is around the corner.
Morgan makes a rash decision that may cost him.
Paul shrewdly puts two and two together.
Lucas marks the 10 year anniversary of Tony’s death.
Jake is moved to Shriners Hospital for better care.
Wedding preparations are on for Alexis and Julian.
Olivia has a premonition… and it’s not good!
Nikolas needs to know more about Hayden, and goes looking.
Paul surprisingly admits something about himself.