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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 16 – 20, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Olivia tells Ned she’s pregnant!
Alexis wants Julian, and he couldn’t be happier.
An excited Spencer plans his birthday party.
A frustrated Nathan confides in Dante about Maxie.
Elizabeth is curious how far back Jake’s memory goes.
Bobbie simply doesn’t understand what has happened to Luke.
Josslyn confesses her love to Cameron!
Lulu barges in on Helena and Nik – there’s no microchip in Luke.
Helena mulls it over and decides to share something unexpected with Nikolas!
He may be free, but Sonny is in for a surprise document – Michael wants custody.
Emma admits to Cam she knew about Josslyn’s feelings.
Morgan is furious, and backs Sonny.. all the way.
Tracy goes straight to Luke for answers, she knows there has to be more.
The operation to remove the microchip could kill Jake.
Michael just won’t stop his plans against Sonny, despite Carly’s pleas.
Tracy is on the mission to find the truth about Luke’s past.
Elizabeth wonders what Nikolas and Helena are doing together.
Maxie confesses to Lulu there’s trouble in paradise.
For Jake, there’s no turning back after this confession.
Ned has shocking news of his own to share!
It’s time for Sonny and Duke to discuss the organization.
Olivia decides to back pedal.. and quick..
The Cassadine power struggle between good and evil continues!
Anna Devane is back, with something for Commissioner Sloane.

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