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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 20 – 24, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Jason and Curtis make a shocking discovery.
Olivia has Sam at gunpoint!
Anna goes to Valentin for the truth.
Jason asks Spinelli to investigate if Olivia Jerome could be alive.
Ava is desperate for help and furious at Julian!
Michael and Nelle share a close emotional moment.
Julian faces off with Jason!
Finn shuts Hayden out while she worries about his drug habit.
It’s getting tough for Curtis and Jordan to fight their chemistry.
Jason meets up with Robin at the hospital.
Olivia kidnaps Sam to punish Julian.
Jason tells Sonny it’s time to come clean to Carly.
Anna’s diagnosis shocks her to her core.
Nelle is ready to send Sonny’s confession to Carly!
Ava starts to unravel when the truth of her situation sinks in.
Dante offers Ned some advice.
Julian makes a mistake that has major consequences!
Ned makes a life-altering decision.
Laura gets pulled into Julian’s latest scheme.
Jason and Curtis are shocked by what they find out.
Julian realizes what he’s done!
Hayden is worried about Finn and confides in Griffin.
Carly decides she needs to spend quality time with Sonny.
Michael and Nelle find themselves in a situation together.
Sam isn’t too pleased with Alexis’ actions.