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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 22 – 26, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Elizabeth tells Monica how sorry she is.
Dante tells Lulu he loves her…
Kiki’s in the hospital after being shot, Morgan blames himself.
Sonny takes Dixon down, and Carly is stunned he can walk!
Dante saves Lulu from drowning.
A terrifying near-death experience creates a bond…
Morgan finally hits an all-time low.
Nikolas tries to convince Lulu to stay with him.
Maxie doesn’t know how to deal with what Nathan is saying!
Jordan is furious when she finds out about Paul and Anna.
Anna and Sonny have an honest conversation, and it works.
Franco has to deal with Nina’s stubbornness..
Olivia’s vision turns out to be true!
Nikolas offers Lulu a place to stay at Wyndemere.
Alexis and Julian say “I do”..
Ava is shaken to her very core.
There’s chaos and confusion in Port Charles!
Anna has company she doesn’t know about.
Carly has just about had enough…
Hayden decides to ‘fess up!
Brad shocks Lucas with a special gift…
Morgan knows what he’s doing as things go from bad to worse.
Carly has a jaw-dropping moment and needs to share the news.
Nathan catches Maxie completely off guard!
Lulu finds herself in a situation that is tough to handle.
Both Franco and Ava are there for Kiki.