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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 23 – 27, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Spencer kicks off his birthday in boxing style!
Ric questions Elizabeth about Jake – has she fallen for him?
Spencer is there for Emma after her break-up with Cam.
Nathan over-reacts when he hears Spinelli has feelings for Maxie.
Sonny wants to keep an eye on Jake, and puts Shawn on the case.
Jordan is pleased Anna is back, and hears about her plan to get Sloane!
Olivia and Ned share pie at Kellys, he wants to be there for her.
Patrick notices Nikolas is unusually interested in Jake’s case..
A fire breaks out at Wyndermere, Nikolas saves Spencer!
Elizabeth has not yet forgiven Ric for his legal ‘advice’.
Strangely, Sam feels compelled to help Jake, who has a dream..
Bobbie, Lulu and Tracy join forces and hire Spinelli to find the truth
about the family’s past.
Jake does the noble thing where Liz is concerned.
Mob tension could ease up as Duke makes an offer to Julian.
Maxie really doesn’t know what she is going to do.. about love.
Disappointing news is in store for Jake.
Cassadines don’t often feel guilty, but Nikolas is the exception..
It’s fantastic news for Nina, she couldn’t be happier.
Olivia can identify with Franco, and offers advice.
There’s more bonding going on between Nina and Franco.
The lawyer in Alexis thinks she’s being played..
Silas has a juicy secret.
Nikolas completely loses it, as Elizabeth tries to help.

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