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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 27 – March 3, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Robin is really worried about Anna.
Michael is confused and wants answers…
Sam gives birth to a baby girl and makes it to the hospital!
Finn makes an important decision.
Curtis reaches out to Jordan for help.
Julian catches a lucky break.
Finn tells Hayden how sorry he is.
Sam figures out who Olivia is.. her aunt!
Michael confides in Sonny…
Jordan grills Ava about what she knows.
After all she’s done, Nelle realizes it’s Michael she wants.
Jason and Alexis are desperate to save Sam.
Kevin is on a quest for the truth.
Bobbie has choice words for Nelle.
Jason isn’t able to follow through on his commitment.
Finn makes a major decision.
Michael confides in Sonny…
Alexis finds out what’s really going on.
Laura isn’t able to help out Tracy.
Elizabeth is heartbroken by a piece of information.
Carly is absolutely devastated by what she hears!
Hayden and Tracy force Finn to face the truth of his addiction.
Alexis and Jason are desperate to find Sam.
Robin looks to Anna for guidance.
Alexis reaches out to Jordan for help.
It’s Jason vs Franco… again!