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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 29 – March 4, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Diane is committed to saving Morgan from jail time.
For Sam and Jason, the passion is heating up!
Ava hands Avery over to Sonny for safekeeping.
Morgan is fearful of the consequences of his actions.
Maxie confides in Felicia, who tells her not to worry.
Franco doesn’t want Nina to move so fast…
Ava shows her vulnerable side to Paul.
Dillon is worried about Tracy, who is avoiding doctors.
Nathan tries to cover up, but who the heck is Claudette??
Julian is there for Ava when she needs him.
Everything finally catches up with Morgan.
Elizabeth is starting to learn how to let go.
Nathan can’t help but feel really guilty about his secret.
Franco surprises Elizabeth with a supportive visit!
Family rallies around Jake, including Monica and Nikolas.
It’s not easy, but Anna comes to terms with the truth.
Maxie is pretty sure Nathan is holding back…
Jason and Elizabeth come together for Jake at Shriners Hospital.
Ava and Sonny end their battle, if only for the moment.
Things aren’t looking too good for Tracy physically!
Diane does everything in her power for Morgan.
Elizabeth really starts to regret her Wyndemere decision.
Nathan needs some advice, and turns to Dante.
Sam and Danny make Jason very happy.