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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 6 – 10, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Dante can’t quite figure out Carly…
Sam doesn’t realize she has been targeted.
Sonny ditches his ankle monitor to confront Ava!
Andre has hospital-related questions for Hayden.
Ava suspects Curtis is up to something after meeting in the gallery.
Nina is angry with Maxie for going behind her back.
Anna decides to seek out a professional for more insight..
Tracey tells Hayden her demands.
Lucas catches an exchange between Brad and Finn.
Julian is shocked to see that Alexis knows Olivia.
Curtis realizes he was absolutely right!
When it comes to hospital matters, Hayden looks to Michael.
Alexis provides Lulu with important information.
Sonny wonders what Jason is hiding…
Sam is there for Alexis when she really needs her.
Anna’s memories take a disturbing turn!
Julian’s past life is coming back to haunt him.
Jason goes on the attack and says what he really thinks.
Brad has strong words for Finn…
Lulu comes on way too strong with Charlotte.
Sam ignores Jason’s request, and makes her own decision.
Carly finds out more about the man in Nelle’s life.
Hayden and Elizabeth still don’t see eye to eye.
Nina decides to ask Maxie for help.
Dante confronts Carly with some tough questions.