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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 8 – 12, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Paul opens up to Anna about his daughter, Susan.
Sam tells Jason it was his love that kept her alive.
Michael and Alexis have a heated exchange.
Sam doesn’t blame Jake for her accident, which Liz appreciates.
Hayden decides to talk to Dillon about Tracy.
Three’s a crowd as Nathan moves in with Maxie.. and Lulu!
A sad Michael receives support from Sonny and Carly.
Paul wants to know how much Anna has told Jordan.
Elizabeth feels she needs to know the complete truth.
Dillon proves he has what it takes at Crimson.
Paul is thrown for a loop by a surprise visitor with a plan.
Maxie and Dillon start to bond over their work.
For Elizabeth, it’s a defining moment…
There’s a change ahead for Epiphany!
Hayden’s actions are really starting to get to Tracy.
Time is running out for Jason to save Sam!
Anna is determined to learn more about Paul, and vice versa.
Nikolas decides to do some research online.
Ava has a rather unusual wedding gift for Julian and Alexis.
Anna is thrown off her game by a surprise visitor.
Everyone gathers for the reading of Helena’s will!
Maxie and Nathan want to get Dante and Lulu back on track.
Elizabeth finds comfort from a rather unexpected source!