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General Hospital SPOILERS – February 9 – 13, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Lulu approaches Scotty about the Luke situation.
Ned and Olivia’s friendship is on the mend.
Sparks still fly between Julian and Alexis!
Sonny is shocked, and Michael is floored at Sonny’s full pardon.
Elizabeth demands answers from Jake.. and believes him.
Nathan finds Carlos, but Johnny escapes!
Maxie has a decision to make, and it isn’t an easy one.
Kiki and Morgan get unexpected visitors – Sonny and Carly!
Maxie and Nathan hit a rough patch after her confession.
No matter the cost, Nina refuses to give up on Franco.
Kiki is out of her depth, and needs to talk to Alexis.
Elizabeth and Lulu need help, and decide to ask Nikolas.
It’s time to make a move and Helena has an offer for Tracy.
Kiki realizes her future with baby Avery might be at stake.
Julian has an important father/son talk with Lucas… about love.
Lulu doesn’t know what to believe about Luke.
Sam and Patrick make plans for Valentine’s Day (awwwww).
Still peeved, Carly goes to see Sonny.
Helena and Commissioner Sloane are an unlikely pair…
A crossover episode of ‘Baby Daddy’ comes to Port Charles on
Valentine’s Day, involving Sam and Olivia.
Work beckons for Patrick, and he has to keep Sam waiting…
Olivia crosses paths with someone from the past.
Ric isn’t as innocent as he seems, as Liz finds out.

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