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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 11 – 15, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Morgan makes real progress with Doctor Andre!
Valerie faces off with Olivia…
Dante is convinced Lulu slept with someone on New Year’s Eve.
Sonny tells Michael to follow his heart.
Anna is convinced Paul helped Carlos and asks Robert for help.
Jason moves Liz and the kids into the Metro Court with him.
Kiki figures something is up with Ava…
Dante sees proof of Johnny and Lulu together.
Sam pops by to see Jason and finds Elizabeth and the kids.
There’s danger ahead for Valerie, thanks to Johnny!
As part of his treatment, Morgan meets Andre for therapy..
Sonny says adios to his new doc!
Morgan and Kiki continue to share with each other.
Nikolas and Hayden can’t quite figure each other out.
Anna keeps Jordan in the loop as she refuses to give up.
Valerie has a major screw-up at work…
Maxie gets involved in a little investigating.
Elizabeth and Jake are freaked out at home!
Michael receives an unexpected letter…
Kristina is having a tough time keeping her secret.
Things are starting to look up for Morgan.
After knowingly going in with Johnny, Lulu feels the guilt!
Sam and Carly decide Jason needs them working together.
Anna decides to go after Sabrina for information.
Dante can’t believe what he finds at the PCPD…
Sam is determined to find out the truth about Jason and Nikolas!