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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 12 – 16, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael needs someone to run the clinic and asks Lucas!
Sonny finds out that Luke is really Fluke.
Julian warns Sonny that Fluke is a danger to their families.
The mayor’s race gets ugly as Felicia’s loses a rigged election!
He’s gainfully employed now, but it’s time for Robot Jake to reappear.
Fluke finds out what Michael has planned for the Spencer family home.
Anna loses her job as Commissioner.. to Kyle Sloane.
Helena instructs Jake to kill Sam.
Nikolas and Helena are on the same side for a change – it’s business!
Sam fills Carly in on her theory that Jake might be Helena’s henchman.
Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of something… possibly dangerous.
She’s still obsessed, but Sam agrees to move forward with Patrick.
Rosalie is back in business, she receives a job offer from Michael.
Fluke has choice words for Johnny.
Sonny decides to find out the truth about Fluke, with Shawn’s help.
Tracy refuses to let go of Luke’s past!
Rosalie continues her own agenda and has a task.
She’s at the end of her rope, but Anna still wants Jordan undercover.
Sloane really wants to know the source of Anna’s intel.
Lulu is intrigued by Johnny’s business proposition for her.
Despite the warning, Dante spots Johnny with Lulu.

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