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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 16 – 20, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Nathan and Maxie finally say I do.
Rudge’s boss is Olivia Jerome, back from the dead!
Brad is worried about Finn.
Ava taunts Alexis with a bottle of booze.
Sam has a real scare!
Elizabeth hopes Scotty can help…
Lulu drops a bombshell on little Charlotte.
Kiki wants to find out what happened to Franco.
Maxie and Nathan’s wedding day is here!
Michael offers Nelle advice that hits home.
Dante is there for Lulu…
Elizabeth shares what she knows with Sam.
Carly is worried about Sonny’s violent streak.
Jordan and Curtis find themselves going down memory lane…
Julian is caught off-guard after a menacing incident.
Griffin is angry and lashes out!
Lulu is desperate to get close to Charlotte.
Valentin lets the mask slip…
Sam figures out the secret that Alexis has been keeping!
Anna is starting to remember…
Julian is forced to deal with his issues.
Jordan makes her own decision, regardless of Andre.