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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 18 – 22, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Kevin has some importance advice for Elizabeth.
Dante confronts Lulu about her actions and leaves in disgust.
Ava gets closer to Paul and starts asking questions.
Julian isn’t too thrilled at Nina’s early Crimson success.
Olivia finds support from a most unusual place!
Johnny leaves Valerie to fend for herself in a fiery cabin!
Olivia faces off with the Mayor.
Despite Elizabeth’s misgivings, Jake is Franco’s new patient.
A stubborn Olivia digs her heels in, no matter what…
Carly decides to approach Ava about allowing time with Avery.
Curtis has no intention of listening to Jordan…
Dante and Jordan brainstorm and think they know the truth.
Jason remembers something very important!
Laura pushes Lulu to do what it takes to fix her marriage.
Elizabeth freaks out when Sam thinks she made up the danger.
Hayden is having trouble deciding where her loyalties lie…
Things are catching up with Lulu, and fast.
Sam wants to help Jason which really doesn’t thrill Elizabeth.
Johnny is so busted!
Anna and Robert are hot on Carlos and Sabrina’s trail..
Things are looking up for Sonny.

Kristina comes clean to Sam about what she’s been hiding.