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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 19 – 23, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Lulu confides in Olivia about Dante and Johnny and hears about Julian!
Shadybrook isn’t so bad for Nina after all, she has company.
Liz and Carly compare notes about Jake…
Sonny and Julian find out Helena is working with Fluke.
Michael wants to file a restraining order against Shawn.
Both Nina and Ava have to face what they’ve done.
Sam and Patrick enjoy sexy time together, completely unaware.
Jake is thrown off by a “vision” of Robin.. she’s his conscience!
Shawn keeps Duke in the loop.
Jake can’t go through with his orders, and passes out..
Fluke extends an invite to Michael and Lucas..
Sam is puzzled when she finds out the figurine is missing.
Alexis wonders what’s up with Sam?
Working together, Sonny and Julian start to figure out the truth about Fluke.
A smug Johnny enjoys the chaos he’s causing between Dante and Lulu.
Who is watching over Ava?
Moving forward with another plan, Shawn realizes he isn’t alone…
Sonny tries to protect Michael from Pentonville.
Maxie crosses paths with Johnny, a romance that never was (except in real life!)
It’s time for Morgan to find a job, and he has an offer from Lulu.
Julian and Sonny continue to work together for the greater good.
Kiki and Dante find a common bond.
Nikolas isn’t quite buying Fluke as Luke, and has a chat with him.
Sonny is quite sure he has figured out the truth about Fluke!
Shawn isn’t sure about Jordan’s commitment, and decides to have it out with her.

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