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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 25 – 29, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Sonny rejects Julian’s peace offer and swears revenge!
Valerie says good luck and goodbye to Dante.. for real.
Dillon asks Lulu for forgiveness and she welcomes his support.
Morgan comes clean to Kiki about his feelings for her.
Kristina insists to Alexis that all is well with school.
Valerie is totally done with Lulu.
Sam really tries with Elizabeth, but things just get worse.
Carlos is there for Sabrina when she needs him most!
Paul becomes suspicious of how much Kiki might know…
Tracy bumps into someone she didn’t expect on her getaway!
Sonny begins to piece together what’s going on with Ava.
Jake is definitely not happy with Jason’s choices.
Jordan and Curtis decide to hide the truth from TJ,
for his own good.
She has doubts, but Hayden decides to go with her emotions.
Lulu also looks to Olivia for marital advice…
Morgan makes a surprisingly sensible decision!
Even after everything, Dillon continues to support Lulu.
Lulu hopes Maxi can help her fix the state of her marriage.
Julian finds himself in the role of peacemaker.
A perceptive Franco shares his thoughts about Jake with Liz.
A delighted Carly has good news to share with Sonny.
Things don’t go well between Kristina and her professor!
Epiphany knows Sonny’s secret, but wants him to bring someone else in.