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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 26 – 30, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Franco realizes Nina’s new Shadybrook pal is Heather.
Jordan reports Fluke to her new handler, Detective Falconeri.
Carly does what she can to help Jake.
Ava is thrilled to receive a visit from Silas.. and Avery!
Johnny sticks his foot his mouth to Lulu.. about her father.
The Jeromes are once again conspiring.. to escape.
Fluke starts to panic as he feels the walls closing in…
Desperate to help Nina, Franco approaches Sonny and Julian.
A couple of Quartermaines reconcile – Michael and Tracy!
Brad admires the phoenix Lucas picked up.
Carly isn’t happy and gives Nathan some information.
On the hunt for answers, a concerned Dante heads to Elm Street.
There’s unexpected news from Ava – she knows an escape route.
Sonny gets the scoop on what’s happening while he’s been inside.
Sam is shocked when she and Patrick visit Brad and Lucas..
There’s a party at the The Haunted Star – but a disaster might be looming!
Helena tries to control situations with both Nicholas and Jake.
Bobbie and other Spencers pay tribute to the memory of dear Aunt Ruby.
Ava makes a decision to join a surprising alliance that includes Franco.
Nina has bitten off more than she can chew, and needs help!
Dante is shocked at what he finds out.. and gets caught.

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