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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 30 – Feb 3, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Nelle is more determined than ever to ruin Carly’s life.
Elizabeth tells Franco she isn’t going anywhere…
Julian gets duped by Sonny and Jason!
Nina attacks Anna about her obsession with Valentin.
Nelle tells Michael she is involved with an older man.
Curtis has Julian in his sights.
Elizabeth has a moment of truth with Franco!
Nina thinks she knows what’s best for Charlotte.
Nelle is on the receiving end of a romantic gesture.
Jason and Curtis are back on the case together.
Ned has an honest moment with Dillon.
Alexis finally realizes she didn’t kill Tom Baker.
Franco has it out with Seth!
Jordan is unable to keep her word to Curtis.
Sonny confronts Ava and demands the truth from her.
Franco is there for Elizabeth when she needs him most!
Olivia looks to Carly for guidance.
Jason and Sonny find themselves on the outs.
Bobbie knows just who to talk to about Nelle.
Nina doesn’t trust Anna and tells her to leave them alone.
Alexis’s sponsor has a hidden agenda…