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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 4 – 8, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Patrick and Robin tell Sonny they’re moving away.
The Crimson launch doesn’t quite go as expected!
Sabrina gets the all-clear while Michael worries.
It’s another Scrubs wedding, with help from Emma!
Jason accepts his responsibility as Jake’s father.
Tracy has something on Hayden’s past.
Patrick and Robin get ready to embark on a new life.
Lulu comes to her senses before going too far with Johnny!
Franco puts his art therapy into practice.
Nina launches her very first edition of Crimson.
Jordan and Anna decide to find Carlos once and for all.
It’s an unexpected and startling find for Franco.
Anna has strong words for Julian about Duke’s shooting..
Tracy has a pretty big ace up her sleeve.
Dante starts to think something is up with Lulu!
Laura warns Nikolas against getting involved with Hayden.
Morgan unexpectedly gets the help he needs from Kiki.
Elizabeth and Laura bond over their love for Jake.
Tracy decides it’s time to take control of ELQ again!
After moving out of Elizabeth’s, Jason looks for a new home.
The New Year marks a real turning point for Franco and Nina.
Anna and Mac continue to look for the truth about Paul.