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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 5 – 9, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Sonny hears the news that he is indeed Ava’s baby daddy!
Johnny’s mob-domination plans become more clear to Sonny.
It’s loved-up time for Nathan and Maxie!
Bobbie remembers Bill Eckert, Luke’s lookalike cousin.
Fluke tells Carlos to shoot Julian, despite his protests.
Agent Sloane gives Anna news about Johnny – he’s being released!
Pentonville beckons, but Ava names her baby daughter Avery.
Ned and Alexis to have a heart to heart…
An intuitive Bobbie senses something is up…
Julian confesses to killing Anthony Zacchara.
Lulu and Johnny reconnect at the Metro Court.
Fluke brings his partner-in-crime Helena up to speed.
Things gets a little uncomfortable for Elizabeth.
Sam continues to investigate Jake, sharing info with Cousin Nikolas.
Tracy confronts Ned – is it Alexis or Olivia?
Anna passes on important information to Dante.
Sonny crosses paths with Julian in Pentonville.
She does love Sonny, but Carly and Jake keep getting closer and closer…
Luke realizes his identity thief is Cousin Bill Eckert!
Dante and Nathan decide to give Johnny a warning..
Olivia comes clean about her recent antics to Alexis.
Michael hears an unexpected and shocking truth about the Spencers!
Nikolas has his suspicions when he interrupts Helena’s phone call.

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