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General Hospital SPOILERS – January 9 – 13, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

A cop has information for Maxie and Nathan.
Sam suspects she knows who the boy in the photo is.
Franco has key information on Alexis and Tom Baker!
Nelle convinces Carly to travel to Australia.
Things don’t quite go as expected for Nelle.
Sonny realizes it’s time to tell the truth.
Rudge makes it official and orders a hit!
Franco takes a risk and gets in real trouble…
Bobbie is stunned to see a new side of Nelle.
Spinelli is back and ready to help out.
Julian removes all the booze from Alexis’ home.
Finn is keeping a major secret to himself.
Sam and Jason have a baby scare…
Elizabeth wonders if Kiki is a good influence on Franco.
Sam thinks Ava knows more than she is letting on.
Lulu and Dante decide to meet with Valentin.
Franco and Scotty decide to work together.
Nelle realizes she might be in over her head.
Alexis is desperate to find help.
Valentin pulls a fast one on Anna.
Franco breaks down and shares his secret with Kiki!
Julian tries to reach Alexis.
Sonny has it out with Nelle.
Maxie and Nathan are on the hunt for Claudette.
Jason and Curtis hit a rough patch…