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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 11 – 15, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Tracy and Hayden are there to help Finn get his drugs.
After his surgery, Anna pays Julian a visit in the hospital.
Just who is this mysterious Theo.. a Cassadine?
Ava makes a startling find – something that belonged to Helena.
Curtis shares some of his insight with Maxie.
Sonny has a business offer for Kristina and Aaron.
Nina hires Curtis to help find Josslyn’s kidney donor.
Elizabeth and Franco open up to each other completely.
Spencer finally spills the beans to Laura.
Ava turns out to be absolutely right about Nikolas.
TJ decides he can forgive and forget.
Kiki and Morgan’s date does not go as expected!
Carly doesn’t know what Nina is up to.
Sabrina shows her appreciation to Michael.
Things are going well in Jason and Sam’s search for the truth.
Ava becomes suspicious of Nikolas and confronts him.
Finn finds support from both Hayden and Tracy.
Laura admits that Kevin has become important to her.
Franco decides to have it out with Elizabeth.
Sam and Jason are hot on the trail at Cassadine Island.
Anna makes an important decision after talking to Julian.
Realizing she needs help, Carly decides to reach out…
Sonny is there for a distraught Alexis.