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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 13 – 17, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Elizabeth is completely stunned by Little Jake’s return!
Nikolas tells Lucky the truth about Jason…
Lulu grills Dante about Valerie, he admits they kissed.
Morgan takes an interest in Denise and Silas.
Valerie continues to lean on Jordan… about Dante.
Sonny has a family proposal for Carly!
Ava expects something in return from Franco.
Silas watches out for Kiki, and has words with Morgan.
Luke realizes Tracy hasn’t been waiting around for him.
Shawn is now gone, but Sonny gets back to business.
Nina realizes Ric and Madeline are up to… something.
It’s Jordan vs Sonny!
Nina needs help, and goes to Silas.
Franco hopes Scotty can help him out with information…
Kiki appeals to Michael for help.
Ric’s weaseling ways continue to mess with Nina…
Monica gets involved in the fight to reclaim ELQ.
Julian and Alexis are back to doing what they do best!

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