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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 18 – 22, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Carly has questions for Dillon…
Valentin fires a shot and Nikolas falls over the balcony!
Griffin treats Julian, even though he wants him in prison.
Nina spots Curtis’ intense interest in Jordan.
Alexis gets a good talking-to from Diane.
Theo is full of surprises on Cassadine Island!
Kristina makes a decision to visit Parker.
Carly refuses stop searching for Josslyn’s kidney donor.
Griffin is very worried about Finn.
Alexis gets the support she needs from the girls.
Lucy accusingly calls out Franco on his actions.
Hayden uses guilt on her mother to get what she wants.
Ava starts working on a new partnership.
Olivia is able to get through to Julian.
Alexis is floored by what she learns…
Everyone assembles on Cassadine Island, including Kevin!
Lucas has a number of choice words for Julian.
Franco tries to give Elizabeth a gift, but it’s rejected.
Nina decides she doesn’t want Curtis on the Claudette case.
Things are not going well for Julian at all…
Michael and Sabrina continue to get closer.
Lulu is shocked and stunned by what she finds!
Finn may not have a choice when it comes to Sonny.