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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 20 – 24, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Lulu confronts Valerie, who only admits to kissing Dante.
Tracy tells Luke she can’t marry him, and they say goodbye.
Jordan warns Dante about Valerie.
Julian tries to convince Sonny his hands are clean.
Maxie thinks Valerie is way too into Dante.
It’s full steam ahead for Sabrina and Michael.
Brad drops a bombshell on Lucas… and the wedding is off!
Luke fills Bobbie in on the future.
It’s back to the hospital for Josslyn.
Dante is having a tough time holding it together.
Laura grills Nikolas about his recent choices.
Luke has a ghostly experience in his old house!
Tracy gives Luke her final answer.
Franco wants Ava to come clean to Kiki about Morgan.
The guilt is killing Elizabeth!
Lulu and Dante confide in Maxie and Nathan… separately.
Sam and Alexis wonder if Julian is still a mobster.
Laura has come to town with her own secret!
Julian claims his hands are clean, he’s out of the mob!
Luke gets ready to close a chapter, and is faced with his past.
Nathan and Maxie find their evening interrupted.
Michael shifts his focus back to the AJ Quartermaine Clinc.
Valerie is not coping well at all.

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