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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 25 – 29, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Valentin still has plans for everyone on the island.
An injured Kevin insists that Laura leave him behind.
Ava urgently tells Dante they need to do something.
Much to Julian’s surprise, Sonny shows up at his hearing.
Sam and Jason make a sinister discovery.
Franco confronts Elizabeth about their date.
Hayden gets a cool reaction from Finn.
Nathan is surprised when Claudette apologizes.
Alexis has choice words for Parker.
Jordan and Curtis start to get closer.
Griffin is there for Maxie when she begins to lose it!
Naomi hears a name she didn’t expect…
Shots are fired, causing panic and confusion!
Sonny points out the misery that lies ahead for Julian.
It’s horrible news for Amy.
Nina is thrilled for Maxie and lets her know.
Nathan falls for Claudette’s plan, as he offers to help her.
Lulu figures out exactly where she is!
Nina stops Julian, just in time.
Kristina has an honest conversation with Sonny.
Jossyln pleads with an emotional Carly…
Maxie has a plan to humiliate Claudette.
Parker makes an effort to reach out to Kristina.
Franco holds Elizabeth to an earlier promise.