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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 27 – 31, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Luke Spencer is gone.. for good.
Denise tells Nina that Franco still loves her!
Dillon and Valerie agree to a date.
Silas is sick of the lies, and wants to come clean.
Kiki leaves town.. leaving Morgan and Denise to play.
Nina wants a divorce from Ric!
Franco is in for a big shocker.
Nathan is pretty sure Nina is being had.
Poor Nina doesn’t know which way is up anymore!
Franco is getting fed up with Ava/Denise.
Scotty is curious how Nikolas snagged ELQ.
Avery’s kidnapping becomes a hot topic again.
An angry Silas wants to protect Kiki.
Ric decides to pull out all the stops.
Michael goes head to head with Nikolas over ELQ.
Elizabeth wrestles with her conscience as the Jakes get closer.
Sonny’s business takes another hit!
There’s a change in Hayden’s situation…
Franco confronts Madeline about his suspicions.
Morgan and Denise are exposed.. in more ways than one.
Nina is absolutely furious with Silas!
Madeline thinks Nathan can do better than Maxie.
Laura calls out Elizabeth for her secret.
Franco has words with Morgan.. about Denise!
Nathan is rightfully suspicious of Ric’s weaseling ways…

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