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General Hospital SPOILERS – July 4 – 8, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Sonny is very worried about Alexis’ future.
Nathan is shocked to see Claudette!
Julian is convinced he can still protect Alexis.
Maxie interviews “CJ” and takes a liking to her.
For Julian, desperate times call for desperate measures!
Kristina is beginning to think honesty is the best policy.
Nikolas agrees to let Ava join him on Cassadine Island.
Elizabeth supports Franco, as she believes he is innocent.
Griffin is forced to have an awkward chat.
Kristina has a embarrassing moment!
Carly hits a wall in her search for Josslyn’s kidney donor.
Anna cautions Alexis about her dealings with Julian.
Claudette wants to see Nathan, but he doesn’t want to see her.
There’s danger ahead for Jason, Sam, Ava and Nikolas!
Alexis is confident she can manage Julian for now.
Things start to go south between Tracy and Hayden.
Laura and Kevin figure out what Spencer has been up to.
Curtis has a new job, courtesy of Nina.
Finn receives information that could save his life.
Alexis puts everything on the line to expose the truth.
Maxie finally meets Claudette… without knowing it!
Julian reacts when he feels the walls closing in.