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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 1 – 5, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

More denials from Denise.
Luke asks Tracy to marry him.. for real!
Sloane comes clean to Anna.
The mayor offers Jordan the Commissioner job.
Dillon is home, much to Tracy’s surprise!
Ric schemes with Madeline – her freedom for Nina’s money.
Silas’ previous actions become clear.
Anna and Luke reconnect.
Nathan hopes Nina will come to her senses.
Rosalie gets involved in Nik’s quest for ELQ.
Franco has had enough of Nina’s games.
Luke wants Tracy to host a party!
Lulu meets up with someone from her past.
Valerie has a new job, and it’s close to Dante.
Nina’s shares may not be safe.
Duke’s death brings enemies closer.
Luke and Sonny make nice.
Morgan and Michael make nice, much to Kiki’s surprise.
Trouble in store for Silas as past actions come back to haunt him!
Ric is still a conniving weasel!
Nikolas is relentless in his pursuit of ELQ.
Tracy is in for a surprise encounter.
Nina’s guilt is getting the better of her.
Lucy and Scotty cross paths…

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