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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 13 – 17, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Nathan has enough evidence to make an arrest!
Sam and Jason receive a surprise from Sonny.
Anna and Paul work together to prove Julian killed Carlos.
Kevin gets one step closer to finding the truth.
As Valerie celebrates, Curtis remembers his cop days…
Jason is surprised by how much information Sam has collected.
Andre admits he loves Jordan, but has feelings for Anna!
The PCPD is hot on the case as they examine the evidence.
Finn is floored when he gets help he didn’t expect.
Sonny demands answers about Carlos’ murder investigation.
Monica makes a tough call, and Tracy is NOT happy.
Elizabeth can’t shake the news she heard from Carly.
Griffin and Nathan’s past is starting to catch up.
Jordan is conflicted over Andre’s response about Anna.
Sonny is there for an emotional Dante and Lulu.
There’s a new Brit in town and his name is Huxley!
Jordan can’t help but feel jealous of Anna.
Sonny holds nothing back from Alexis about Julian.
Obrect is shocked by what she discovers about Finn.
Finn sticks to his guns and refuses to explain…
Nina comes through when she’s needed the most.