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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 15 – 19, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Lucky has been kidnapped..
Jake suspects Sam of spying, but Michael isn’t sure.
The walls are closing in on Rosalie…
Tracy returns the ring to Luke, while Dillon keeps their secret.
Dante appreciates Valerie’s support!
Ric is furious with Jordan.
Lulu is not sleeping well!
Jordan ends up owing Sonny.
Sam continues to work on the ELQ case… with Jake!
Lulu realizes something is up with Nikolas.
Tracy shares some info on Rosalie.
Silas still has no control over Denise.
Sloane comes through for Nikolas.
Luke confides in Lulu… with the truth.
Elizabeth finds out about Sabrina’s suspicions and shares with Nik.
Valerie knows Lulu has a secret.
Tracy grills Lulu, who has a tough time keeping it together.
Rosalie feels the heat!
Sabrina comes clean to Michael…
Maxie confronts Valerie about Dante.
Morgan and Denise get close… again.
Nikolas is another step closer to his ELQ takeover.
Tracy needs to be consoled.
Jordan and Sonny cross paths.
Luke remembers the way things used to be…

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