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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 19 – 23, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Jason is completely caught off-guard!
Griffin decides to meet with Sonny.
Ned and Olivia resolve their issue.
Sam is dead set against Jason going to the island!
Julian receives an interesting offer.
Kiki puts aside the past for Ava’s sake.
Sam has cause to be hopeful.
TJ’s secret is finally out in the open!
Michael wants to have a serious talk with Nelle.
Laura decides to put things right and clear the air.
Josslyn scrambles to hide the truth from Bobbie.
Sonny and Carly almost reconnect on the island.
Nina finds solace…
Jason has impeccable timing!
Nina is there for Nelle when she needs help.
Sam receives information that gives her hope.
When Carly’s away, Josslyn will play..
Nathan and Amy’s plan doesn’t quite go as planned.