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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 20 – 24, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Sam and Jason get one step closer to Nikolas and Ava.
Nina tearfully regrets breaking up with Franco.
Anna offers Alexis protection in exchange for her help.
Franco and Elizabeth share an unexpected kiss.
Finn confides in Hayden about his personal health issues.
Morgan decides to be honest with Kiki.
Sonny is furious with Julian after Alexis is arrested.
Finn is called over to the Quartermaine Mansion.
Diane and Alexis have plans for Julian.
Dillon is there for Nina as she struggles with her emotions.
Michael has very good news for Sonny and Carly.
Anna decides to move forward… on a blind date!
A mysterious package arrives at the Crimson office.
Ava is appalled by her own behavior.
Olivia catches Nina and Julian in an awkward situation.
Kiki is torn between Dillon and Morgan.
Things get a whole lot worse for Finn.
Alexis is running out of patience with Julian.
Nina can’t stop thinking about Franco.
Sabrina confides in Felix, hoping for advice.