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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 22 – 26, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Rosalie comes clean and is taken to the PCPD.
Luke agrees to spend the night with Jennifer Smith!
Lucy votes for Nikolas, not against..
Lulu feels the pressure and leans on Maxie.
Valerie tells Dante about Lulu, Dillon and a secret.
The double date actually happens – Sam and Patrick, Liz and Jake.
Nikolas owns up to his shares of ELQ.
Look, it’s Holly Sutton!
Madeline demands to know about the money.
Franco and Denise make an unusual but likely pair.
Valerie can’t help sharing with Dante.. about Lulu.
There’s an emergency ELQ Board meeting!
Nikolas shows Rosalie no mercy.
Dillon is furious with Nik and doesn’t hold back.
Sonny has an offer for TJ.
Dante and Valerie continue to bond…
Sonny is caught off-guard… by Michael.
Another surprise from Luke’s past makes an appearance.
Franco has a date, and makes sure Nina knows about it.

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