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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 27 – July 1, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Lulu starts to wonder if Nikolas is actually really dead.
Julian has a dangerous fantasy about Alexis.
Dillon makes his intentions very clear to Kiki.
Jason takes a hit!
Anna learns more about Griffin’s past life as a priest.
Valerie has to face a decision head on.
Alexis and Anna find themselves on the same page.
Monica is pretty sure Tracy is hiding something.
Sonny drops a bombshell on Julian.
Franco is on the receiving end of an intriguing offer.
Julian makes it very clear what he wants.
Dr. Matthew Mayes is definitely a person of interest…
Sonny isn’t thrilled by the hold Kiki has over Morgan.
Finn finds support from an unexpected source.
Sam is stunned to hear about Alexis’ legal troubles.
Kristina isn’t certain how she feels about Aaron.
Hayden believes she can help Finn and reaches out.
Kiki steps in as Dillon and Morgan’s confrontation heats up.
Things are a little strange for Elizabeth at the hospital.
Franco and Nina find themselves having a heart-to-heart…
Maxie starts to think she will never find happiness.
There may just be hope for Tracy and Hayden after all.